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Édition Symbiosis

Inspired by the purity and the protectively purifying structures of lichens, Edition «SYMBIOSIS» embarks on a journey through the aesthetics of pearls and fringes of the glorious roaring 20ies. Fan-shaped like evolving, STEINROHNER transforms lichens into elegant and fashionably attired creations, similar to pearl muscles that generate pearls by purifying bacteria. Like a phoenix arisen from the ashes, lichen like designs unfold delicately and softly infolding the female silhouette with silky velvet, mohair, sweet water pearls, net fabrics with lichen print applications, thereby filtering it to a visual expedition on the female body. STEINROHNER allows the colours of the world of lichen to unfold into a refined interpretation of autumn and winter colours that speaks of “joie de vivre” and warmly shields from the cold..

Édition CACTUS

Driven by the power of endurance and consistence, Edition «CACTUS» dares a journey full of elegance and delicacy into the resilience of succulents thereby contradicting the common ephemerality of fashion – coating the silhouette of the style conscious woman with the imperishability and enchanting modesty of nature. Every piece continues to tell the story of the drawings from «Blühende Kakteen» (1901-1921) by J. Neumann wrapping itself modestly yet stylishly around the female body. Similar to cacti that store the thriftily consumed resources on the inside, in order to blossom in full beauty and strength on the outside, STEINROHNER transform the original lithographies from the 1920s into lucid digital prints on silk, viscose, neoprene, foil and organza. The result being gentile yet spiny garments allowing their wearers to blossom in full protection.


Capturing time through eternity – the edition «ETERNAL ICE» dares travelling to the eternity of the past inspired by the wintery scenery of snow, ice and coldness of their native Swiss mountains and Russian landscapes. Shapes and creatures are lost to the invisibility of infinity of eternal ice, finitely reappearing fluently and only upon dew point. A mystic world of congealing and melting silhouettes and structures wraps itself around in different layers of fake leather, cashmere, wool and cotton the figure of the fashionable woman. Digital prints featuring paintings by the Swiss painter Markus Rohner meet laser cuts and laser cut sequins, nestling the female silhouette in colourings of cool blues and ice – finitely like the fine fluff of new snow on the surface of eternal ice, plush warmingly covers the body


Relieving the reef
is a central influence to the edition «Relieve the reef», which allows us to dive into a coral-coloured, transparently silver shimmering underwater world of silks, viscose, linen, fake leather, latex and other organic and non-organic fabrics and textures. Inspired by the curiosities and play of colours under the surface of the water, this resulted in a lively and mystical collection of three dimensional silhouettes, prints and structures, similar to those that develop upon a reef due to the interplay of the diversity of creatures and environmental factors on a reef – black and white shades of grey flow into a silver glimmering breeze of fossils of an unknown world and futuristically nestling the body – dressing the confident woman in the quiet of the depths of under water.


Edition «Lava»
arises from the encounter of two islands – Stromboli strikes Vulcano. The lava shaped landscape structures of the two islands are both starting point and inspiration for STEINROHNER’s new collection, which once again presents an outburst of structures, textures and materials. Unstoppable streams of black lava consistently push through a path of sulphur, smoke and glass stone like details through the pieces of the collection. Movement disintegrates the static, making room for surprise and encouraging an urge to feed your dreams with phantasies. The rapidity of departure and the fugacity of the moment dissolve and are enforced in continuously growing shapes, dreams and playful detail. The result being: a procreative fusion of fabrics, cuts and ways of wearing «Lava» unfolding in further edition of «Couture de la Rue».


«Fossilized» (fossilisation, fossils, marble)
allows marble tiles to interact with fossils and creatures from the stone-age. Laser cuts on fabrics are gently abstracted in organic movement of skeletons and seemingly hard leather – fossilisation-like. Marble tiles from a Roman church floor are reinterpreted photographically through digital print on fine-spun fabrics of silk and viscose. Through the interplay of different elements of time – the interplay of the stone-age, the skeletons and the marble texture generates a new sense of depth through alienation. The layering of different techniques mirrors time, everything together makes “one”: digital print (photos and sketches layered over each other), gold foil estranged on screen-print and laser cut generate «Fossilized».


Paint - Stone – Shards
Circus and its obscure world - short, glamorous moments in front of an audience as product of hard work, hidden behind the stage. An intense life, always on the move. Different arts combine to evoke emotions, amusement, laughter, amazement, dreaming and – finally - the admiration of the spectators. The leg of mutton sleeves and stripes, the voluminous silhouettes and shapes of the harlequins and beetles embrace and accentuate the movements of the holder, but at the same time, disguise them in an obscure way with patterns, shapes, applications and fringes. «Obscure» creates a world of fair burlesques couture de la rue combining millimetre thin laser cut strips, knitted floats, screen-printing, foil coating to form a fragile glow.


Über die Wolken, über den Träumen dem Horizont entgegen fliegen – Lass Waksen!