Édition CACTUS

Driven by the power of endurance and consistence, Edition «CACTUS» dares a journey full of elegance and delicacy into the resilience of succulents thereby contradicting the common ephemerality of fashion – coating the silhouette of the style conscious woman with the imperishability and enchanting modesty of nature. Every piece continues to tell the story of the drawings from «Blühende Kakteen» (1901-1921) by J. Neumann wrapping itself modestly yet stylishly around the female body. Similar to cacti that store the thriftily consumed resources on the inside, in order to blossom in full beauty and strength on the outside, STEINROHNER transform the original lithographies from the 1920s into lucid digital prints on silk, viscose, neoprene, foil and organza. The result being gentile yet spiny garments allowing their wearers to blossom in full protection.